Travel writing and photography

Welcome, I find the world fascinating and so far I've been lucky enough to visit some incredible places.
I created 180º North East and the prints as a way of sharing some of my experiences with others. 

- Daniel

180º North East

180º North East is an 80,000 word narrative with photography covering a journey I made through 4 continents in 2009/2010. It took me a few years to complete the first draft. The book then won a Platinum Award in the "A' Design Awards" of 2014.

Since then I had been contemplating what to do with it and only recently decided to get help from an independent publisher (2QT Publishing). I was then introduced to my editor (Karen Holmes) who helped refine the text and get it in shape for publication.

It is now available as an ebook on and available for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited plan. You can start reading some sample chapters here.

The first edition is available in black and white and so photos you see on this site may vary from what you will find in the book. I'm currently experimenting with different options in order to release a physical edition of the book. 


We've only got one planet and I'm conscious that travel and photographic prints contribute to global warming. So in a move to balance out the carbon footprint of my work as much as possible, to begin with I've taken the following steps:

A part of the profit from the sales of prints will be donated to the One Tree Planted organisation to support global reforestation. 

All photographic prints are produced by The Print Space in London. It is a carbon neutral company.  This means that they offset the emissions they are responsible for when creating and shipping a print.